Product Info

Bed Edger

  • Manufacturer: E-Z Trench
  • Model Number: BE 310-A

BE310-A Bedscaper Uses: Create beautifully curved landscape beds. Redefine Existing Beds with Precision. Install Metal or Plastic Edging. Specs: Progressive Cutting Blade: Cuts harder ground and roots with less horsepower. Caster Steering: Create or follow any curved landscape beds with ease. Wet Clutch: Cushions sudden impacts. Highly reliable since it is in oil.

Rental Rates
  • 2 Hour

    *$13.00 for each hour after 2 hour minimum.

  • Day

Compact Size & Folding Handle: Weighs only 125lbs. Handle folds for easy transporting and space saving. Guards: Blade and belts are completely shielded for safety. Engine 6.5hp Honda with centrifugal clutch in oil. Pneumatic Tires: Rolls easily over most terrain.