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  • Manufacturer: Vermeer
  • Model Number: RT 100

No more digging by hand. The Vermeer RT100 is a compact trencher perfect for smaller jobs like burying electrical lines. 

Operating Manual

Rental Rates
  • 3 Hour
    $120.00 minimum
  • Day

  • Manufacturer: Barreto
  • Model Number: 2324TK

This all hydraulic trencher is designed to perform. You'll appreciate the power of this workhorse when digging trenches 6" wide and up to 3 ½' deep.. It features a 7.1" wide track that provides outstanding traction on wet soil, clay, sand, or hard terrain while softening the impact on any existing landscaping.  Trailer available for rental for easy transport.

Rental Rates
  • 3 Hour
    $172.00 minimum
  • Day
  • Week