Product Info

Cleaner-Upright Powerhead

  • Model Number: HoneyBee Corp

Don't let the size fool you, our lightweight portable carpet cleaner packs a powerful punch.  It deep cleans with a 107-in. vacuum, 50 psi pump and 2,500 rpm brush to produce professional results.  The adjustable height handle folds down for easy transport.

Rental Rates
  • 4 Hour
  • Day

Specs (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

Solution tank: 4.5 gal./3 gal. usable
Lift-off recover tank: 3 gal.
Solution pressure: 50 PSI
Vacuum motor: 2HP, 112 CFM, 106 in. High Efficiency
Brush motor: 1/6 HP
Cylindrical brush: Chevron design; 2,500 PRM
Brush bearings: Stainless steel ball bearings
Brush drive: Kevlar reinforced non-slip toothed belt
Tank construction: Rotocast high-density polyethylene
Weight/shipping wt.: 52 lbs.
Ht./Length/Width: 24 x 23 x 12 inch
Wheels: 7-in. non marking
Power cord: 20-ft. 16/2 SJTW
See-through recover Dome: Yes
Intercooler: Yes
Adjustable stair climbing handle: Yes
Circuit breaker: 115V
Attachable accessories: Yes