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Lift, scissor 26' 650#

  • Model Number: JLG 1930ES, Skyjack 3220

We have 2 lifts available for the same rate, The JLG-1930ES Scissor Lift is ideal for working in a warehouse, the unit can fit through narrow aisles and doorways with an overall width of 30". 

Platform Height: 18' 9”

Working Height: 24'

Platform Size: 30”x73.5”

Capacity: 500#

Weight: 2750#

Either unit runs off of battery, recharging is a snap, just plug it in.

Or for the same rate the Skyjack 3220 Scissor Lift is a little larger. 

Platform Height: 20'

Working Height: 26'

Platform Size: 28”x84”

Overall Width: 32”

Overall Length: 91.5”

Stowed Height with rails up: 77.5”

Stowed Height with rails down: 63.5”

Capacity: 600#

Weight: 3510#

Ext. Deck Rolled Out: 3'

Ext. Deck Capacity: 300#

Flatbed trailer is available to rent for easy transport.

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