Product Info

Table, Fill n' Chill

  • Manufacturer: Chillin Products
  • Model Number: sp4x9bsw

The 6' FILL 'N CHILL party table is a snap to use. Place it in any convenient location, load it with about 75 pounds of ice, and fill it with food and drink. That's all there is to it! You're ready to have a good time and not worry about keeping cold food fresh.

Rental Rates
  • Weekend

FILL 'N CHILL features include: Rugged, lightweight construction. Durable, easy-to-clean, one piece, FDA-approved, polyethylene table top. Tapered bottom with centrally located drain. A standard garden hose can attach to the drain. Sturdy, powder coated, collapsible steel legs. Stackable design for convenient storage. Easily transportable in a mini-van or SUV.

FILL 'N CHILL dimensions:

Inside : 29 inches by 69 inches, 3 inches deep.
Exterior : 31 inches by 73 inches, 6 inches deep.

(Specifications may change due to continuous product development)